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Quick little update.

Last week I started my first day in advanced and ended up with my original coach, Roque (rocky), which is great! He went over the material with me on what will be covered and got started right away.

Right off the bat, we learned four (relatively) new things; for me anyway.

Pivot (anchored entry into a spin)
3 foot Outside turn (which I already know how to do)
Mohawk (half circle glide with feet change)
7 Mohawk (Mohawk with extra steps, it's pretty fancy)

The pivot was one of the earlier techniques I learned back at UTC and that was my first introduction into how to spin. It's been a while since I've done it, so it was and still is a struggle to maneuver. However, once he explained the physics of it, I have a better understanding on how to execute it.

the 3 foot outside turn is still progressing. The more techniques I learn, it's getting a little difficult to practice all of them in a single session. But the 3 turns are getting better. Slowly but surely.

I was intimidated by the Mohawk when I tried it out one time with one of my rink mates but I managed to do it pretty okay the first time. (big surprise to me too).
Moving to the right is more comfortable than moving Left and I understand why my classmates don't like moving Left.

The 7 Mohawk consist of extra steps: three stroke entry, mohawk, then turning out into a stroke. Because I just learned the mohawk, the 7 step just needs to be broken down into smaller bits in practice. Once I get the mohawk, then I'll get the rest of the moves.

I hope that I can return more consistent practice to regain the strength back in my legs. Stop being lazy and work on the core muscles for better spins.

Anyway, that's the recap of last week and this coming Saturday is another lesson.
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Today (referring to 8/12) was a rough start. I had a family emergency this morning that caught me (and my prick stepdad) off guard and I was prepared to missing the final session of the quarter (to my dismay). But once the emergency passed, I was dismissed to head to my lesson despite my willingness to skip it.

Regardless, I made it to class a little late but I didn't miss anything major. I think I mentioned in the last entry that my class had dwindled down to two students. We were graded by our crossovers and learned a few new things on top of it.

We tried out the "Check" position, a technique to exit out of a spin gracefully; and the first basic jump! The "Waltz" Jump, for the first time. Needless to say, we were both terrified and my legs never felt so heavy.

The summer semester is entering it's final "week" or module and I'll be free to do regular practice on the ice again. I haven't gone all week. Not even Sunday.

This week has been inconvenient in general for a lot of reasons.

Despite the drawbacks, I graduated to the advanced course where the real fun begins. I was looking through the list of techniques and wow....I can at least do one of them. lol

I really liked Jenn, my coach. She was really tentative and an encouraging teacher. Hopefully, the next set of coaches I meet are just as so.

Until then, I got a lot to work on until my first lesson in Advanced. I was also recommended to do the workshops as well but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

I'm entering the final year of my MFA program and that means there will be a large focus on preparing my Thesis for graduation. There's a storyboard artist job practically screaming at me from DHX Studios. Until I get a taste of what's in store for me this coming Fall, I'll just increment my way through skating. I don't plan on giving up on it even when I leave to a new place for work. As long as there's an ice rink that offers lessons, I'll learn all I can.

That's it for now.
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Still alive and skating just busy with school. Throughout Summer school, I haven't been able to keep a consistent schedule to go to Public Sessions and practice. However, as the lessons continue, I've learned various advanced techniques that need a lot of attention and time to perfect.

The intermediate class has shrunk down to two skaters, myself and one other. The intimacy of our class size is nice and allows better critiques.

However, I've missed a few lessons on the scheduled day for various reasons.

Lunges, one foot snow plow, and crossovers (front and back) I feel are uneven except for the 3-foot turn. Whenever I manage to get time on the ice, I've been practicing both feet. It helps to be "bold" and just try out the other foot.

Spirals are a new balancing act that I just learned yesterday and it feels like there's a huge weight attached to my free leg.

There's still much to learn about the physics behind the sport and my body but I'm enjoying it. Painful as it may be sometimes, it's still pretty damn cool.
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So as I mentioned before, I'm not very good at keeping up with journals. More or less it boils down to a lack of subject to report on. But I have come to a solution to save this journal from becoming a void.

Ice Skating.

Yes, Ice skating.

Last March, I decided to take up figure skating. It goes without saying that Yuri on Ice was definitely an influence behind my motivation; however, that alone can only take you so far. As a matter of fact, I've always been into figure skating as a sport and always wanted to learn. Despite a past traumatizing childhood experience.

It's not the first time an anime/show had motivated me to take up a sport. In college, I joined a tennis class because of Prince of Tennis. (Mind you the show exaggerated the sport but it still had all the facts.) And I had a lot of fun playing in single and pair events. In the final week of class, I tied in first place in our class tournament. (not too shabby.)

Alas, I don't get to play Tennis because I don't have a partner to play with ;n;

I still have my gear and always willing to play.

Fast forward to March 2017. As a reward to myself for passing my Midpoint Review for my Graduate Thesis, I went to a free try-out skating session at the old rink I went as a kid. I was super excited to get back on the ice after so many years and I ended up loving it.

At my first lesson, I wasn't sure how the structure was handled. It turns out that in the adult class are a various levels; some having more experience than others and the coaches (at the time) were there to help you work on what you wanted to learn. As a total beginner, I had no idea and I felt lost. Nevertheless, my first lesson was doing "Crossovers" (the transfer of weight from one foot as you crossover the other foot.)

I could barely skate backwards, let alone trust my feet to distribute my weight on ice. Luckily, I had free access to public skating sessions at the home rink and I spent 3 hours practicing and working my leg muscles to skate backwards and the other techniques I learned at the free try-out.

-Forward Swizzle
-Backwards skating
-Rocking Horse

Initially, I was rather self-conscious about skating at my age and starting so late. I didn't think there was much I could do with figure skating other than just a hobby and I was cool with that. Just being able to do what professional skaters do was exciting enough.

At my next public skate session, I started practicing Crossovers. It was frustrating to battle my weight, fear, and not understanding the construct. Which resulted my first bad spill on the ice where my toepick caught the ice and I fell forward on my right shoulder. It must've been a bad fall cause the whole rink paused like deers in headlights.

Falling is to be expected. It's part of the game.

After my spill, I did my best to skate it off and continue practicing but I called it quits when I couldn't hold up my arm anymore.

Injuries: busted shoulder, bruised knee and hip.

My bruises healed just fine but my shoulder took two months to heal completely.

More or less, I was pretty traumatized doing crossovers on my left side for while but eventually pushed through the fear and I can do both right and left forward crossovers.


So after the first lesson, I wasn't really liking the structure of the classes. Also, the rink was 20 minutes away from my house so if I wanted to practice, I'd practically had to plan a morning there (stay for 3 hours or so). I decided that I should move my home rink to one closer to my house.

I canceled my lessons at the other rink and joined the new home rink, The Kroc Ice Arena. The class structure had a better set up. The adult course are divided up into: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Then there's additional classes that are focused on jumps and spin (Beginner-Advanced). To say the least, I much prefer this structure over what I had, although I'm grateful for the "sink or swim" discipline for most things. I feel like I have a stronger foundation at Kroc.

More later.
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I'll be perfectly honest; I'm bad at keeping journals. I only write in them when I feel like it and more often than not, I'll end up forgetting I had one in the first place.

There are days when I have something to say or get off my mind onto paper; some days I don't.

The last time I was ever part of a "journal community" was an ancient site called Xanga. Between Myspace and Xanga, that's where I kept track of my friends from school and across the country back in high school. Lol those were some drama filled days. (Typical Teenager experiences.)

The amount of friends have dwindled and my circle has become small. Less drama to deal with and I'm fine with that.


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